Panitek is constantly on the lookout, for the latest innovations in clean energy solutions. The company’s core strength is to collaborate with companies and develop a growth strategy. This is achieved by transferring and scaling up technologies in emerging markets, which are desperately in need of cleaner solutions to meet their rising energy requirements. This in turn also makes sure that technologies are tapped to their true potential.

Our Services

Our expertise lies in cross-border technology and skill transfer into India. Not only do we have technical expertise but also understand the cultural aspect, which is crucial when implementing large-scale projects. We not only provide solutions and link you to new market opportunities but as a stakeholder go that extra mile to make sure that projects are implemented in an intended manner.

Panitek understands that multiple hurdles lie in the successful implantation of new-energy solutions. Hence, we handhold our partners in the deployment of projects and also co-invest or help bring in investors. The industry expert team can also assist you in joint-ventures, M&A advisory and strategic alliances of clean projects in emerging countries. Our in house team of experts can assist you in technological due-diligence, IP assessment, technology evaluations and commercialization of new technology.


Our Services


1 Develop Business Models

Technology transfer of new cleantech solutions can be a challenging task. Panitek has the expertise of not only bringing in technologies but also developing customized solutions and innovative business models to successfully commercialize them in emerging markets. We find ways and niches to successfully deploy seminal products with a focus on long term commercial success.

2 Technical Due Diligence

Panitek’s in-house expertise across finance, technology, production and operations will help you in every aspect required, for a successful project roll-out. We understand the local policies, regulations and the business environment to help you in planning and implementation of projects. We are active in the cleantech domain for many years, working with battery manufacturers, wind parks, e-mobility infrastructure, solar PV cell companies and government institutions.

3 Ideation

Panitek has the expertise to develop new product solutions revolving sustainable technologies. We can come up with new applications for existing technologies, which can suitably cater to the emerging markets. We are currently working on cutting-edge solutions in the renewable energy, battery storage & EV charging domains.

4 Strategy

Brainstorming, planning and developing go-to-market strategies are some of the areas Panitek will help you to make sure your products and solutions reach market in the most effective manner. Panitek can also look for pilot projects which can be planned and implemented at a small scale but leave its impact at a global level.

5 M&A Advisory

Some of the most difficult areas such as due-diligence of IP, valuation of new companies and finding synergies, is where Panitek will help you make the right decisions. Over a decade Panitek has constantly kept its partner’s interest in mind while executing successful cross border Joint Ventures.

6 Implementation

From ground-level co-ordination to looking into various aspects of project management, Panitek has the hands-on experience to guide you each step of the way, making sure your strategies are implemented as desired and take corrective measures where required. We also support our clients in identifying and recruiting the right manpower at the right time to keep the pace of the project.

7 Financial Management

From capital re-structuring, raising of capital, budgeting, project finance to cost optimisation strategies, Panitek has solutions to help you manage your finances in all aspects.


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